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RealTalk Ep 8: Big Change are coming

Hey, it’s Dustin with the Davidson Group with episode number eight for “Real Talk.” Today I want to talk about processes and things I’ve been changing up, so I’ve talked a little bit about changes that are coming to our company. I am hiring an assistant, at the moment, to make my back-end processes a lot smoother, to make them more consistent, and overall to help you, the end client, the end consumer, with a better experience. So, we’re definitely growing, we’re doing some great things here, but today I want to ask you a couple of specifics and hopefully get some engagement from that. One being – if you’ve ever gone through a real estate transaction before – what’s the one piece that you wish would have been different? Would have been better? Would have been more engaging? Would have been something that, going into it, you wouldn’t have thought that would’ve been a concern but was a concern as you went through the process? So, that’s the first thing I’d like to know because I think a lot of people in conversations that I have, whether it’s the first transaction or maybe the first transaction in a long time, they are in the middle of it and they feel that there’s a lacking or they feel like there’s a piece that’s missed or something doesn’t go the way that they perceived it to go – whether it’s an actual issue or maybe that’s the way the industry is and they just weren’t prepped and ready for that type of concern or opportunity to arise. They weren’t prepared for it.

A big part of selling real estate is the service that you provide. And the goal is not just to sell or buy a house but make clients feel that they are being taken care of, they are being guided to the right process and goal that they want and that, they are comfortable and happy being in the process.

What other types of services do you use? What other types of services do you think about? You know when you are online and you are at a website like, and you want to buy something and you click, “Buy It,” and you have your information already filled out. So, you click, “OK” and go to the next section, and it says it’s going to arrive on Tuesday the 14th- or Tuesday the 15th when this will be uploaded.

It’s that type of experience that Jeff Bezos and his entire team have spent millions – if not billions – of dollars fine-tuning and making it seamless for you., the end consumer, right? That’s their vision.

What are the things that made you think this was or will be your best experience if you are to sell or to buy a house? And made you look forward to it. What are the things that will make you think that a certain company will give you the utmost result that you always want to have when you have undergone a real estate process? What is the assurance that will make you feel that you are being taken care of and you are stress-free despite the very demanding market that we have?

Good or bad, right? You deal with companies, you deal with services, you deal with products, and you have an expectation that’s laid out.

What’s the best? What’s the worst? As I’m growing my team, as I’m thinking about you all – the end consumer – the client that I’m working for, I want to help you in that “gap.” I want to help you from, “We’re about to make a huge decision,” to “We made a huge decision, and it’s been a beautiful process throughout.” Hopefully, a process that we, on the back end, have anticipated, understand and communicated to you throughout the process of what it will be and what it will entail.

It’s really just what’s on my mind lately. Thinking about that in this hiring process. Thinking about who would be a good fit for that team, who’s going to be a good fit for you all, and then how I, now growing into that role, can better serve you. How I can create that consistency? How I can create that experience that, though there may be problems, or there may be opportunities that arise, we’ve anticipated them. We knew they were coming and we knew how to deal with them. So yeah, they were there – were they the best? Were they the most pleasant? Maybe not. But you knew about them, and we had a solution for them, so it’s OK because it wasn’t a huge surprise that that derailed the entire plan. Anyway, that’s all for today, you know, just something that’s been weighing on me. I would really be so thankful if you took the time, answer those questions, comment down below, maybe share this with someone who you know is really into experiences and working with companies and liking to provide feedback in that route. Hey, just ‘like’ it, you know? Something like that will do wonders for me. Appreciate you taking the time. Hope to talk to you in the next one.

Have a good day.

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