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RealTalk Ep 4 Relationships Matter

Hey, it’s Dustin with the Davidson Group here at Reecenichols with another episode of Real Talk coming at you today, we’re going to talk a little bit more personal.

Just something that’s been going on in the past few weeks. My wife Tia and I have been a part of a Sunday school that is about parenting. It’s a video study in a book that we follow through and it’s been a lot of good information. We’ve got 2 little ones. We’ve got Sawyer, who is almost four. We’ve got Saigan, who is almost two, and so we’re still really in the beginning stages of Parenthood, and we’re finding out a lot about ourselves. We’re finding out a lot about what it is to be a parent in today’s world, and just how to address your kids, but something was interesting over this past week.

As we were leaving church Tia and I was discussing the lesson and things we took away from it. Things that we could potentially implement or definitely things we should NOT do. And we were talking about how the application isn’t just for parents. But it goes further than that. It goes into just relationship building in general.

And so, as I’m looking at this study, and obviously I learn things from my profession, of how to engage and communicate with others, how to negotiate, how to work through a transaction through a deal, and how to market the property and sell a property. I mean, those are all essentials, but at the core base of this industry, I think it comes under relationships and building a relationship.

Whether that’s a relationship with your client. Hey, I’m going to help you. Mr., Mrs. Sellers, or Mr., Mrs. Buyer to transition right from.

Selling that home into the new or making that first-time home purchase? Maybe it’s a relationship with your vendor partners, like a lender or title company, insurance appraisers, you name it. You create these relationships.

People don’t often think about the relationship with our other Realtors. You know, it’s important to create and harbor those relationships because we lean on them in times of negotiation.

Making sure that we can get into properties, making sure that we’re having clear communication, and so I like to create those relationships and be able to reach out and have conversations with those individuals. I intended this progress not to just win over my competition rather make a cut, have more edge.

And so circling this back into these parenting classes that we’re taking, I’m not taking a parenting class to become a better real estate agent to become a better servant to you or a better peer to my fellow Realtors. But I can see the things that I’m learning and the things that I’m seeing are going to help me build those relationships or build a better foundation for those relationships as I move forward. And so it’s exciting to see the application in multiple places.

I’d ask you this more of just a touch-point:

in your line of work and your profession, whatever you do,

are the relationships that you’d create,

and what would change if you focused on those relationships with your peers with your boss with maybe your customer or consumer that inside of it you know whatever the industry may be, I believe that a relationship is a core of what that industry is. And if you focus on creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Just my opinion. I think that you’re going to do better. You’ll find more fulfillment. You’ll be there for others, and they can lean on you and you to them, and it will just allow you to move forward in a great manner.

Anyway, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you do. Let me know if you think building a strong relationship would benefit your industry. Hey, maybe we can talk about it in person over a cup of coffee.

It’s been episode four of Real Talk here. I’m enjoying this series. It’s a weekly series, obviously that we’re doing and in these videos are going to be uploaded on Tuesdays and I hope you find some enjoyment in them. Getting to know a little bit more about me a little bit more about the backside of our industry and just, you know, get you more acclimated to not just the numbers in the houses and those pieces that you would typically see from a realtor or from the real estate industry, right? There’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot more depth and,

it’s really such a fulfilling industry. Anyways, until we talk next week. Hope this finds you well. If there’s anything I can do to be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Until then.

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