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Real Talk Ep 2 Real Estate right now

Hey, it’s Dustin with the Davidson Group here with episode #2 of Real Talk. Hey today, we’re going to talk about the current market. I’m sure many of you know if you haven’t been living under a rock that the real estate market is just crazy. It’s bananas. I’ve got a little video I want to show you just 10 seconds of it. This thing has been blown up the pages. The realtor pages are back in stuff that I see all the time. I have laughed at it. I have shown it to a lot of people over the past week, but the really funny part about it is the real-life application and something that happened over the weekend.

OK, people, here’s how this is going to work. I have an Apple here. The highest bidders going home. With this. I want all bids in the next two minutes, then we’re closing it. Bidding starts at 5 dollars, $10. He said starting at 5, Is this a new Apple. Yeah, just listed. I’m pre-qualified. I’ll pay cash. I got the cash. $20. $30 could I at least see it up close? Nope, it’s an Apple. You know what it is. You either want it or you don’t. I’ll take it for 100.

What I’m from California is the cheapest apple I’ve ever seen, $120.

So I think that that video is hilarious. I’ve got the link down in the description. I very much encourage you to watch the entire thing, but really, I think that this video says so much about our current market conditions and where we’re at. You know, here in Southwest Missouri, we don’t have a lot of California buyers, but they do happen. And so in segueing into like a real-life situation over this past weekend, there was a property that hit the market.

This property had multiple showings. It ran the entire weekend and the sellers ended up selling for well above the asking price. I’m talking 10s of thousands and what happened was at the end there was actually an agent in the office that got the property and their buyer was from out of state and they had the ability to swing in and waive everything and buy the house. Essentially cash and so it’s funny to see this because there’s a lot of stir and there’s a lot of buildup in these properties when they get that kind of traction. They almost self-fulfilled themselves into multiple offers and in this emotional buying process.

But really want to talk about it because that’s not uncommon. If you’re paying attention to anything real estate, the multiple offer situation selling within a couple of days situation, that’s pretty common in today’s market. But the thing I want to focus on is I was at this property multiple times over the weekend and every time I was at the property, I ran into someone driving by someone stopping in the driveway. Someone looking at the property right? They had curiosity. There was some interest that was there.

But they were there unrepresented. They weren’t committed to someone, or they were committed to someone but hadn’t reached out to them to actually step forward and look at it. And the reason is this. I think that those people assume or feel as though that property will be there in time for them to drive by and check it out to see if they like the area to see if they like the home and then reach out to their representation to reach out to their realtor and then schedule a showing.

Well, at that point it’s too late.

This home you know, fortunately, for potential or potentially, fortunately for them, ran four days long, but if it hadn’t been only running a couple, and the offers were so strong upfront, these buyers would have missed out on that opportunity.

To kind of drive this point home even further, I was meeting with the client earlier this week, we’re getting ready to put their house on the market and they were talking about driving by properties, and I said listen, don’t worry about driving by and looking at properties to see if you like them. Let’s just go look, let’s schedule the time, and then if you don’t like it, that’s fine. But this market doesn’t yield enough time for us to wait to methodically decide and to drive by without representation. If you feel like you want to get in your car and go check on a property, you need to go with an agent. Pure and simple. Right now this market only demands only that. If you don’t and you hesitate, chances are you could miss out.

I know it seems kind of harsh. It seems like there’s a lot there, but it’s really important to have those open conversations with your agent. You know, a lot of people will tell me they don’t want to bother me or they feel like I may be too busy or they just didn’t know for sure if they liked it. The reality is this: it’s my job, right? I enjoy looking at properties I enjoy going out, and sometimes we look at properties and you don’t like them and sometimes we look at properties and you do.

But what I would hate is to find out that you were interested in your property and at that moment there wasn’t enough time to go look at it because it was going under contract. But we would have had enough time to do so.

So if you’re in the market.

We’ve not connected and you want me to be your agent, which I think we need to sit down and have that conversation. But let’s formalize it, and let’s make those plans to go look at those properties as soon as they hit the market. If I’m talking to you and you’ve got another agent, have that conversation.

Agents like to be called. They like to be bothered. They like to go to look at properties. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t do this for a living.

Hey, this is Episode 2 of Real Talk. It’s informal. We’re going to talk about real-life situations. We may not always talk about real estate, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It’s a new series that I’m really excited about just to get to know. Getting to show you, I guess a little bit more about me and some of those things that I see on a daily and weekly basis. Anyways, if you like the content, if you enjoyed any of this, if you have any questions about it, drop a comment down below. You can reach out to me directly.

Phone email, however, your modality of communication. I’d love to hear from you until we see each other again.

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