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RealTalk Ep 10: My transition to Keller Williams

Hey, it’s Dustin with the Davidson Group here at Keller Williams with episode number 10 of Real Talk. A lot has changed over the past week. And I know that you’ve seen some things pop up and maybe have come to this conclusion already.

But officially on this show, we’re going to announce my transition from ReeceNichols over to Keller Williams. The transition happened last week, which as this is airing would be the week before. It’s been a fun transition, it’s a great opportunity for me in that transition. I also brought in a full-time assistant to help with back-in processes to ensure that that we are just streamlined and really client-facing client forward. All of you have hopefully met her by now. Her name is Amy Gilbert.

We’ve also got a virtual that we brought on board to help with some marketing pieces. And we’re laying out plans and foundation work for growth ahead. So, in this episode, just want to talk about that. We’re in a new setting here. We’re inside the training room. And so, this is where we’re going to shoot for now. This may change from week to week until we find our spot, but I’m really excited about the transition. It’s been good.

Obviously, transitions are something that takes a lot of forethought and they take a lot of action on the backside to get everything moved over, to make sure that you’re remaining in compliance that entire time. But we’re working through that. The team here has been fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team here in Joplin. They have definitely picked up all the slack to ensure that I can just keep moving forward to service you, all the clients. So really excited about it here. We’re going to figure out where we’re gonna be doing a couple of other marketing pieces and changes upcoming in the future. So the question that I’ve been asked since transitioning is why did you make the move?

What was it about ReeceNichols that you left? And what was it about Keller Williams that attracted you? And it’s really been a unique process for me. And it’s atypical probably than most agents. You know, really, I have a growth plan five years, 10 years, 15, 20 years down the road of where I want to be and what that progression looks like for myself, for my family, for my team. And upon discussion with both brokerages, upon just a deep dive in the investigation as to what I could do, where I just felt that the business would be better suited at Keller Williams.

They have flexibility. They have a range that covers the entire country. They have a lot of things in place for the direction in which I want to go. And not that ReeceNichols does not have that at their ready or at their fingertips. It’s just they’re more of a regional level. And Keller Williams is more of a national level. And so I felt as though it just made more sense to make that transition. Now, especially, you know, three and a half years into the business, I’m setting my groundwork, but I’ve not solidified those pieces and growing that team and having multiple agents that we’re transitioning from one location to the other. So I really took a lot of time, took a lot of thought into what that transition would be, and jumping in and making it and running. And so at this point forward, I am pedal to the metal in growth mode.

Something that’s going to be coming is, you know, looking to bring on agents as quickly as possible once we get our admin trained up a little bit more. And she’s comfortable with processes, we’re going to start bringing on whoever wants to join the team. We’ll have conversations and allow it to grow and develop from there. But very, very excited about the transition, as I talked about, I think it just made sense it was a natural flow and a natural fit, and I again, I’m so thankful for everybody welcoming me on and making it a seamless transition and just really picking up the pieces to ensure that that one I’m not hindering you all the client in the middle of a transaction, in the middle of a process, and so I can keep it in my daily activities without having to learn everything new. They’re really there at the ready to help and ensure those pieces are in place. So thanks again. Hey, the new location is 619 South Florida in Joplin. So we went a little bit further north. But you know what? If you’re in town and you want to come by and check out the new office, I’d love to see I’d love to have a conversation with you. Hey, we could even come and sit in the conference room, if you like. Again, 619 South Florida is the new location for us. Anyway, Episode 10 wrapped up here. We’ll see you next week on the next Real Talk episode 11. Have a good day.

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