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RealTalk Ep 15: Navigating through Inspections

Navigating Through Inspections

In this article, we are going to tackle the inspection period and inspection notices. How does it look like as a buyer when presenting an inspection report and inspection notice and what it looks like with the seller receiving the inspection report in an inspection notice. . So during the contract period, we have an opportunity as a buyer to do inspections of those timelines or listed out through the contract. Through this contract, we can present the seller our condition or our standpoint base on what we see on the property. We can state if we are satisfied and we are going to proceed, or we can also state if there are changes or improvements needed on the property and the last may be that we are not satisfied and we do not want to move forward on the property. So, in very few instances should that last option be exercised, unless it’s just a major issue or something you can’t combat, even if the seller were to fix it.

You only have one shot at presenting that notice, so you have to keep in mind to lists all the things you want to add, ask or change. Meanwhile, as a seller, you can stand on your ground if you do not want to change or add any on the property but you cannot limit the buyer to do their inspection. It’s their legal right. And also, even seller clearly states that they want to sell the property as is the buyer may still request an inspection not unless the buyer doesn’t want to.

We don’t want to go back and forth on the contract, so please make sure to state all the things you potentially want to change or add. And as a buyer, you may be losing your opportunity for the best deal if you don’t get your mind straight.

Also, remember there’s a professional that will help you in the process. The inspector is there to inspect for a wide variety of items. So, feel free to ask them and get help with a specialist to be given advice on what’s best for the situation wherein. Say for instance, here in Missouri storms are very common so roof issues are very crucial. If there is a granular loss then that may be the time to ask a roofing specialist or roofing contractors to further assess the damage, to see if some things need to happen and take place.

House inspection is important in the process so you need to take time to decide hence you have a professional to make sure that you’re confident about the property and you are secured. Then once you decide to move forward then it’s negotiation time!

If there are questions, reach out and ask. You have the means, an ability to do so. My information is all over the place. But you can comment, you can like can share. You can do those things to let me know that that this is something that you found value out of.

And if you have questions, just reach out. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Hope you have a great week. I’ll talk to you soon.

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