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RealTalk Ep 11: Moving Out of State? I’m here to Help

A huge change in your life? Moving to a different state maybe? And it’s never easy and there’s a lot of things you need to consider. Like, whom am I going to trust? Well, let me help you with the first step. I have been a realtor for a long time and that helps me gain networks around the country. And, being here at Keller Williams, and also being a part of some of the other groups that I am a part of as an agent. And I can help get a top-producing wonderful agent for whatever area they’re either looking to go into or looking to come from.

If you are looking to make that transition, and you don’t know whom to trust in regards to home perspective then don’t hesitate to tap on me, let me get my phone, and reach the best person I know will take care of you in that highest regard of detail and making sure that all those T’s are crossed, all those I’s are dotted, that everything is taken care of. It’s really a cool feeling to know that you can and do have those abilities because whenever you’re dealing with these pieces, you want to be able to control the process.

And with that ability that I have through that big network, that nationwide network, I can assuredly tell you that we can. And it’s a great feeling knowing that you don’t have to take a chance on someone in an area that you don’t know and understand. So it’s pretty short and sweet. You know, if you have transitioned or are looking to transition into a new area and you don’t know where to where to go, you don’t know what to do. Just reach out to me.

It’s not a charge. It’s not an additional piece. It’s just something that I can do to help provide to make sure that you are taking care of because that’s my goal as well. And we’ll find someone with that exact same mindset to help you on the other side of it. I hope this message has found you well, hey, if you’ve got any questions about what a transition would look like, you know, there are moves happening all over and across the country. We’ve got a lot of people coming in and we’ve got a lot of people going out of a lot of different areas across the nation.

So it’s a question on people’s minds. And if they don’t know who to lean on, who to trust, then it leaves them at a disadvantage because they’re taking a huge risk and not knowing their largest asset in most cases could be left unattended to or be left to someone who doesn’t fully understand the process and know what they’re getting into, especially since that varies state by state. So I could tell you, hey, this is how we do it in Missouri, but we’re using the West Coast as an example here in California. I don’t know the rules and regulations there. I could tell you something that may not even apply or I may miss something altogether. That’s a very big deal out there. And so it’s important to wrap yourself around these professionals who take the time, who take the care and put you first and everything that they do.

Anyways, this is Dustin, signing off Episode 11. Hope you’re doing well. Hope to talk to you soon.

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