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Love and Hate Your Home: Tour Talk | Davidson Group

Hey, it’s Dustin with the Davidson Group here at Reece Nichols. Got a new listing here we’re going to be touring. It’s 109 Penzance St in Monett, Missouri. You’re going to love this place. It’s four bedrooms, two bathrooms, almost 1600 square feet. We’ve got solid surfaces throughout the entire home. You can see how inviting it is as you enter into the front door, we open up. We’ve got a little bit of a vaulted ceiling here.

It’s a split level, which means we have three bedrooms on one side and the primary bedroom on the other. So you get a little bit of privacy and seclusion. Let’s check out these bedrooms before we check out the rest of the house. They’re decent sized bedrooms for spare bedrooms 12 by 12, 12 by 13. We’ve got a little bit of a smaller one here, but this room here as you enter in, we’ve got a vaulted ceiling and arched window over top so we bring a lot of that natural light into this room so the other two rooms we’ve got bedroom #2, bedroom #3 behind me. We’ve got a beautiful secondary bathroom here, or the main bathroom off of the living space. You can see that they’ve got the tile. They’ve got the solid surfaces they’ve got the wainscoting. It’s just a really nice-looking spare bathroom.

As we go to the other side of the house transitioning through the main living area we’re gonna go back into the eat-in kitchen. This is their dining space. You can see here. We’ve got a table that seats four. It’s spacious, there’s room around. You could actually add a larger table here if you wanted to. We’ve got laminate countertops and again, we’ve got the tile backsplash on either side and I love how this feature shows it all the way to the ceiling. So you really get some of that height and we’ve got good views into the backyard from this point all the way, even from the back from back here in the kitchen. As we move into the primary bedroom, we have access to the laundry here that goes into your garage. So you’ve got a little bit of transition space there so you don’t come directly into your home. Our primary bedroom again solid surfaces… we have a little bit of that tiered ceiling. We’ve got a large bed here, so it’s taking up a good portion of the space, but you can see we’ve got plenty of room to walk around on either side. This is a King sized bed.

And then we move into the primary en suite or the primary bathroom. Large vanity. We’ve got a walk-in closet and we’ve got our shower space here So, the split level aspect of this home is actually what I like the most about it. I love the outdoor space and we’re going to check that out last, but I love that you’re able to transition out. You can come straight in, you can change. You can get ready to actually enjoy your home after work. You’re separate, so if you have roommates or family members that are living in that part of the house, you’ve got that separation so you can enjoy that privacy and seclusion. But out, back here the owners finished this space out and added the cover within the past year. It’s raining today so it’s nice to be able to come out. We can hear that rain. It’s a cool day, but this is just a great spot to come out to relax, to enjoy, to grill out, your choice, you get to choose, they’ve done well landscaping the backyard. We’ve got privacy fence. It’s just a great feature to this home anyways. Wrapping up this home tour again, this is 109 Penzance St in Monett. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, it’s almost 1600 square feet.

This home is going to hit the market at $165,000. Love to talk to you, we’re going to have open houses through the initial weekend. We’ve got Mother’s Day coming up, so there is that that’s going to offset a little bit of the time frame. If you have questions about this property or any properties in general, I’d love to help you out. Until I talk to you, have a great day.

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