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RealTalk Ep 6: And that’s When They Arrested Me

Today we are going to talk about the incident that happened to me last August of 2020. When I got into a car accident. I ended up totaling my vehicle and needless to say I was late.. Very late to my appointment.

Good thing was, nobody was hurt. Then, the police came, taking reports, taking insurance information, and passing back and forth and the officer asks me to walk with him over to his vehicle. I say OK, and on the way there, he says:

“Hate to tell you this…”

“But I’ve gotta take you to jail.”

What do you mean you gotta take

me to jail?? I just had a wreck!


Turns out I had a warrant out for my arrest.

For an unpaid portion of a speeding ticket, probably about a year prior.

For, get this, $11.50.

No Not for $1,150 but for $11.50.

Yup! you read that right. $11.50 was the amount owed and the warrant issued for that amount owed, so they bring me back to the police car. As you can tell, I normally wear a name tag wear a button-down dress shirt, and slacks. And I looked the same as I do normally when I’m working and going on appointments. So here I am getting handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle to go down and pay my $11.50.

For a failure to pay a speeding ticket or a portion of a speeding ticket anyways, I get down there…never been arrested before, so it was an interesting experience, to say the least, but. It was a joke. I guess I should say for everybody knowing that I was in there in professional attire. Definitely didn’t mix in with the crowd in that sense, but knowing that it was over $11.50, everyone enjoyed making jokes about it. Here’s the kicker. So I go down. I’m getting processed and of course, I call my wife T and she’s on her way to come to pick me up and I have to tell her as she arrives. Hey, by the way, I’m getting arrested and I had to dump all that on her. So Tia for watching this.

I love you sorry you had to go through all that, but as I’m down there to get processed in, they’re going to process me. I was going to pay my $11.50 ticket pay for the processing of the wreck as well. There was a ticket that was involved there and it was to be released. Total turn time. They were thinking 20-30 minutes. Well, as I’m sitting there waiting to finalize that process. Come to find out the arresting officer entered my information incorrectly. It was under a different Dustin Davidson and THAT Dustin Davidson had priors in other pieces that were there that had to had to be addressed or had to be taken care of, but I didn’t get to be processed at that time. I had to sit back down and wait for the arresting officer to make his way back to the jail. About 3 hours later. So I sat there in processing for that time for that length of time unprocessed, thinking about the decisions that led me to that point, right?

One: the original speeding ticket. So going too fast and having to go through that process. Two: not ensuring that the entire thing was paid off. And then three: getting in the car wreck and totaling my vehicle. Now knowing an expense that comes with that.


That’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but it was an experience nonetheless and something to think back about and now looking back on it I can. I can say so with a smile, but that evening was stressful for myself but really, really stressful for my wife having to go through all of the different pieces to ensure that I could get out of jail and making sure the car was taken care of and doing all those things without the ability just to speak to me and find out what’s going on. Anyways, we got out, took care of all those pieces and we were able to move forward, but I joke with people as I interact with them. Now we talk about them, you know their real estate agent who went to jail and…

I don’t know, it’s just it’s a funny icebreaker, something that I’ve not shared with the masses. I thought I would share with you all, so hopefully, you can get a laugh from it and think about me dressed sitting down in a jail cell waiting to be processed so that I can. I can get out and miss my appointment, right? That was an interesting conversation to follow up on because of the way that it all happened. I didn’t have a time or a chance to tell him. Hey, I’m not going to be there. I didn’t get to tell him until the next day based on time frames and getting my phone and all those pieces back together.

It was quite interesting, to say the least. Anyways, this week’s episode 6 of Real Talk. Hope you have found some enjoyment in this. I know I like to think back about it and laugh and I most certainly give you the opportunity and ability to laugh at my expense.

Bring it up to me the next time you see me we can talk about it in more detail, I’d love to. Hey, maybe you’ve been arrested and like to share that story with me so we can laugh at each other. Anyways, until we see each other again. Hope you’re doing well. It’s Dustin.

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